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Are Different Rooms in Your House too Warm or Cold?

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Why are some rooms too cold, and some too warm?
There are many factors that contribute to why a room can be either too warm or too cool. The number of people in the room, the side of the house the room is on, and which floor the room is on are the most common reasons.

Is there anything I can do to make my house more evenly comfortable?
Absolutely! Mauder can alter your HVAC system to add additional temperature zones. Most houses have a single zone. This means you have a single thermostat that controls the temperature for your entire house. Unfortunately, this often leads to inconsistencies in the temperature of different rooms.

To fix this problem, we offer FREE in-home inspections to see your home, and meet with you to better undrestanding of the problems you're having, then suggest how many zones are ideal for your home and budget.

What does adding "zones" do?
By adding additional zones, you'll have a thermostat for each area of your house. This allows you to lower the temperatures of the rooms that are too warm, or raise the temperature of the rooms that are too cool.

How are zones added?
Adding additional thermostats to your home would do nothing without the addition of dampers. By adding dampers in your vents, controlled by the new thermostats, your system can more accurately control which rooms are heated or cooled based on the setting of that zone, and the reading from the zone's thermostat.

How much does it cost to add additional zones?
Every house is different, so there is no set cost, but we pride ourselves in working with you to determine not only the best fit for your home, but also the best fit for your budget. With our no-obligation, FREE in-home estimates, there's no reason not to call today! We can provide more detail and determine what is best for YOUR situation.

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Posted by Troy Mauder

Troy Mauder
Troy has over 30 years of experience in the industry.  He is Nate Certified and Certified in Type-I Type-II Refrigerant Program, Unico/High Velocity, Generac and Lead.  Troy is also a member of Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, HBA, BBB & Toledo Heating & Air Conditioning Association (THACCA).